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Perspective On Sound

Audio mastering involves approaching the mix with respect. Refining the artistic intention. Ensuring that your sound will shine in all audio environments.

Working with world class tools, featuring gentle analog, tube, and transparent digital processing. We align our signal chain to our clients' vision, to deliver on time professional masters, in a variety of formats. You'll come away with both web and CD duplication optimized masters, created with flexibility, and a great service experience.

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A comprehensive array of options to suit your needs
  • Mastering

    From singles and EPs, to full albums, we offer competive rates for world class results. Each client recieves tailor made audiophile analysys, processing, as well as in process examples of your audio, facilitating your participation, reguardless of location.

  • Audio Transfer and Restoration

    From LP, Cassette, ADAT, or DAT, we can get your audio updated, and delivered in every modern format. Your project deserves a world class signal chain from start to finish. We deliver future proof audio, and old-school attention to detail, all at reasonable rates.

  • Mixing

    Mixing audio with emotion is both an art and a science. If you need a new set of ears on your project, or want to hear your audio come alive in a world class analog environment, Clarity Mastering offers mixing serivces featuring world class tube, analog, and digital processing.

    With over 20 years of experience making recordings, we can take your practice space 4-tracks or live shows and turn them into an album. Or, if you're recording at home in Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband, Fruity Loops, Mixbus, or Cubase, we can put the professional sheen on your music.

  • Audio for Video/Film

    Every project deserves world class audio. Our tools are well known within the commerical Video and Film indutry. Whether it's a podcast, youtube channel, commerical, or film, with Clarity Mastering, your audio will translate in every environement.

  • Location Recording Services

    On location and need audio capture? Doing a show with all of your best material? Capture the moment with our professional mobile rig. We'll work seamlessly with your FOH engineer, using our own mics, deliviering a once in alifetime recording of a once in a lifetime performance.

  • Audio Recording

    Starting from scratch and wanting to use the world class gear your vision deserves? We offer competive rates for recording your music from start to finish.

Clarity Mastering

Music makes the world go around. These days, it's easier than ever to share music directly with anyone, anywhere. Like the ways we get our music, our perspective on the pursuit of sound has also evolved over the past twenty years. The audio we've created is a travelogue of our far flung journey. Add a new destination to your journey with us as your guide!

If you're not happy, we're not happy.

How Our Service Works

We offer an easy interface for your audio with our world class tools.

  • Step 1 — Send us your Audio

    We'll use our audiophile analysis to verify we're ready to proceed.

  • Step 2 — Make a deposit to reserve your slot

    Make a US $20 dollar deposit via a charitible donation to Heifer International. Email us your reciept. Once we have your reciept, we'll send you a date for your session. *Please note, your $20 deposit counts towards your final bill, if you're not happy with the results, this deposit is 100% refunded by Clarity Mastering.

  • Step 3 — We Deliver Options

    We'll send you links on our secure server with clips of your audio. You'll email us feedback over the next seven days until everyone is happy.

  • Step 4 — You finalize payment and we send your Audio in any format required.

    Costs are: Single, One to Two Songs: US $50 - $200 dollars; EP, Three to Six Songs: US $300 - $600; Album, Seven to Twelve Songs: US $700 - $1,000 dollars.


Hear What Clarity Mastering Can Do for You

  • wayofleaf

    Wow. Sounds so good. Obviously the overall volume and punchiness is improved, which I was expecting, but I also feel like there is a clarity in the different instruments that wasn't there before mastering. I know a lot of the acoustic guitar layers and the background organ can easily get lost in such a bass heavy mix, so hearing those rise up, while still playing a support role, is a real treat.

    Pete, Way Of The Leaf
    After Mastering:
  • ErinHarpe

    We had a great experience working at the Funk Bunker! We went in last minute to record a couple additional songs for our new album. Jimmy was easy to work with and captured excellent vocals, guitar, etc. and the tracks shine on the new album! His signal path is kick ass!

    Erin, Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
  • Buck Pryor

    Be it mixing or mastering services, Jimmy Fox will make sure you leave his studio with a product that will shock you as to how good it sounds. His skills are phenomenal and about as good a person as you can meet. Highly recommended.

    Buck, Buck's Moonshine / Webby's Garage
  • Derrick 

    He made my voice sound like how I hear it in my head.

    Derrick, VoiceOver Artist
  • optimystic

    Jimmy Fox is a sound engineering wiz with killer gear. He cleaned up my noisy hissing vocal track and transformed it into a legible gnarled monstrous voice that fits my film perfectly. He has helped me with numerous projects and his expertise shines through on each one.

    Seth, Peace Coast OptiMystic
    After Processing:
  • optimystic

    Ever since his humble (very) beginnings, jimbo-bobby has consistently delivered value to his constituency through his vast sonic experience and masterful technique, pleasing audiences (even the 4am crowd) fortunate to have a listen. Witty banter notwithstanding, bo- seeks to understand your goals and, good and intimidating footwear aside, bo- delivers!

    Alex, DJxeLA
    After Mastering:

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